Where do you want the guns pointed?

In the war on drugs, as in every matter of debate, there are passionate opinions on both side.

I think people are making the issue more complicated than it really needs to be, so I will simplify things.

Where do you want the guns pointed?

Do you want the guns pointed at someone struggling from cocaine addiction?

Do you want them pointed at a recreational marijuana user who’s unwinding at the end of a long day of work?

Do you want them pointed at a guy who wants to have a cigarette after a nice meal?

Do you want them pointed at someone who wants to have a few shots with his/her co-workers at the end of a day at the office?

No matter how noble or well-intentioned the creation of a piece of legislation that restricts something may be, for instance, let’s say you’re talking about a seriously harmful substance, like meth, and your reasoning is “man, this stuff needs to be all kinds of illegal, it destroys people, changes their brain chemistry, makes ’em go out and hurt people and steal things,” at the end of every law is enforcement.

When you create a law, even a law restricting American candy bar consumption to a rationed one-per-day maximum, you are authorizing law enforcement to enforce that law.

You are telling them where to point the guns.

You are telling them whose door to kick in.

Whose children to orphan.

Whose dog to shoot.

Because, humans love their vices. We live in a society where someone can say “I’m going to kill my unborn child because it’s inside of my body, so it doesn’t matter to me that, given a chance, this being growing safely in my womb will one day be out and about, breathing and doing things” but they can’t say “it’s my body, I should have the choice to add a little bit of pollutants to it to feel better about things.” Only one of those two people will ever have their door kicked in, have a gun pointed at them, be led away in handcuffs.

They both made a choice of what to do with their body. Also, the person who chose to do a drug only harmed themselves. Unless there are complications, which there often are, the person having the abortion is not only harming, but killing, another human being.

I got a little sidetracked, so I will reiterate my central theme so as not to confuse anyone.

Laws require enforcement, enforcement often does far more harm than the substance the law is supposed to be protecting society, or individuals from.

This isn’t a straw man argument, I, in my own home, had a police officer point a gun in my face and tell me “I almost shot you in the face, motherfucker.” This police officer later went on to lie about several things, passionately, to ensure that my possibilities of avoiding prison time were very slight if existent at all. Over marijuana, which is legally medicinally in many States, and legal entirely in two States. I didn’t harm anyone. But I almost died.

Some people do die. Or their dogs die. Or they get locked away from their families for long stretches of time, even life sentences.

All because Papa Government wants to protect us from ourselves.

All because we say “there ought to be a law” about something, without realizing we’re basically saying “here’s another group of people we should be pointing the guns at.”

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R.I.P. Fred Phelps (NSFW)

The front man of the death metal group “Westboro Baptist Church” passed away today.

Okay, he was the leader and patriarch of a church, not a death metal group front man. But, he might as well have been the front man of a death metal group.

He was all about death, and hurting the families of those who have died. Picketing their funerals, putting counters on his website showing how long they have been in Hell, etc.

I’m sure he was a great guy, fun at parties, good for a laugh. Great sense of humor I would imagine.

I kind of feel bad for death metal groups because of the analogy above, but it was funny, in my opinion, so I’m not going to edit it.

The Westboro Baptist Church has a website, it is godhatesfags.com, it seems to be down. Maybe hacked? Probably hacked. These people are not well liked individuals.

So, anyhow, he died of a prolapsed rectum from all the anal sex from young boys he enjoyed throughout his life. And receiving horse penis. Horse penis, I say.

Okay, that’s not true, as far as I know. But it could be true, so I’m not going to edit that out either. Fuck him. What’s he going to do, sue me? He’s dead. Very very dead. And probably the most surprised person ever right about now.

I wouldn’t feel nearly as badly about him as a human being if I thought he was genuinely trying to save anyone with his perverted spin on a great religion. But he seemed to be a zealous and enthusiastic spreader of hatred and ill-will for the sake of spreading hatred and ill-will. And for attention. Much like when he blows homeless guys for crack when no one’s looking, he is a whore for attention as well. Okay, I also should point out I do not know for sure he ever gave blowjobs for crack cocaine or slept with random black guys because he loves their statistically larger penises. I did hear this from a source, though, whom I do not have to identify. Also, AIDS. It’s a disease, look it up. Fred Phelps had that too. It’s what he died from, after all. Again, unconfirmed, but I would be irresponsible if I didn’t mention it because if it is ever confirmed I feel like I would have let you down as a reader by not letting you know the moment I, myself, knew.

I’m good like that.

What I’m getting at here is all the man ever was and ever stood for is the need for attention and publicity and the willingness to do whatever it took to get that publicity.

Shamelessly picketing the funerals of military men and women.

Putting up counters on his website of how long homosexuals have been in Hell.

Writing article after article, and doing interview after interview, about how doomed America is and how all Americans are going to hell for supporting “fags.”

He spent all of this time, all of the precious time on Earth God gave him, and squandered the opportunities he had to do good, to teach the true lessons of The Bible, like “God is love” and “love thy neighbor” and he pissed it all away.

Now random homosexuals and homeless people will occasionally piss on his grave. Or maybe they won’t. Maybe the ultimate irony will be that a man who lived for attention may, in death, get none at all.

Only time will tell.

So, to you, Fred Phelps, I say Rest In Peace, goat fucker, Rest In Peace.

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Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

I want to first begin this letter by stating that I hold no business degree, and I am not a mathematician. I am also not a journalist, I’m just a guy with a reasonable grasp of the English language who has the occasional opinion and shares those opinions or ideas as best I can.

I have an idea I want to run by you.

I believe that Apple is in a unique position to be able to pull this suggestion off, if any company would be able to. The reasons I believe this is that you have a customer base that is wiling to pay more than other consumers for a higher quality product. Also, your customer base is extremely loyal and many of us are very patriotic.

That being said, I’ll get right to my suggestion.

I own an iPhone 4S and it is a beautiful device and I like it very much. I looked at the back of the device and it says “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.”

I understand that a corporation needs to keep costs low wherever possible, and I also note that the quality of the device doesn’t seem to have suffered during the manufacturing process. I’m not writing this to bash China or to bash your decision to have China be a participant in the creation of these devices.

I also understand that our country’s economy has been suffering for years, and that manufacturing jobs have suffered tremendously to the point where it seems that very few things are created in America.

While you as a corporation do not bear sole responsibility for fixing this problem, there is something you can do to assist should you choose to.

If you were to put out two versions of one of your next devices (or hopefully all of your future devices); one that is manufactured the same way that you have been doing things (designed in California, assembled in China) and another version that is designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in America, I believe you could help the American economy considerably.

Obviously you would need to charge more for the 100% American version. But, as I mentioned before, your customer base is willing to pay more to simply buy your products versus some of the other products on the market. I believe that enough of your customers will choose to buy this version that you wouldn’t be “sitting on” a bunch of them and losing money. In the beginning you would most likely have to do a smaller, limited run, and then, as you’re able to gauge the devices’ reception in the marketplace, you would hopefully be able to ramp up production of the American devices to where they equal or maybe (one can dream) become greater than the devices assembled elsewhere in production numbers.

You could even have some with an American flag or Eagle or some other patriotic color choice as sort of a “Limited Edition” collectable version.

I know that I personally would want to own one. You could do this with other products as well (iPad, iPod, etc.) especially if it becomes a successful endeavor.

I feel that you may be open to this for another reason as well, you have done something similar already with your Mac Pro computer that is made with 100% domestically manufactured components and assembly. The Mac Pro is obviously a higher-end device than the ones I mention in this idea, with my idea you can carry forward that same vision while appealing to an even broader group of consumers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to one day making this idea a reality.


Russell Waters

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Merry Christmas everyone.

2013 was going to be my year to take over the world and to like excel in all sorts of ways, but some stuff happened that took a priority over self-improvement and financial domination of the planet.

I can’t (yet) tell the entire story about this, but I can say all sorts of other stuff.

Firstly, I am incredibly blessed, in spite of the aforementioned hardship and struggle.

I have a wonderful group of family and friends who are there for me and supportive and loving.

I have a job that pays my bills and is an enjoyable place to work.

I am not in the greatest physical shape, but I am reasonably healthy overall.

I’ve been able to do some acting and even a little writing, and I was actually part of a full-length movie (Escape From The Dead) and several short films (for the 48 Hour Film Project).

Things are pretty good.

There are still some challenges and hurdles, but they are, for the most part, smaller than the ones I’ve been facing.

2014 is going to be my year for dominating the planet. 

I am working on a five-year-plan, and during that five years you will be seeing me associated with all sorts of fantastic and positive endeavors. Also, lots of self-improvement (chiefly losing weight and improving credit and finances) is going to be happening.

So, that’s me in a nutshell in 2013 and going forward.

I wish everyone reading this, and all of my family and friends, the happiest of Holidays and the absolute most success and happiness that is physically possible for the rest of this year and the years to come.



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Obama is not the problem

Okay, I have to admit, the title is a bit misleading.

I am not saying “Obama is not A problem” because he is. But, he is a problem with a built-in solution. Term limits.

The Republican Party would have you point all of your aggression at President Obama. The Democrat Party also would love you to do that.

The reason is, the more we focus on Obama, the less we focus on THEM.

In other words, we have people whose only jobs have been Government.

We have Congressmen and Senators who have been in elected office since they were young, and who will only leave when they’re really old and end up dying while in office.

Obama did some very unconstitutional things, and he did some things via Executive Order, this is true. But EVERY single other thing that passed into law was voted in by the House and Senate, which is comprised of both Republicans and Democrats, and then signed by the President.

So, while we’re hating one man and blaming one man we all have our pet Congressman or woman, and our pet Senator, and we’ll keep these people employed for a very long time.

Debt Ceiling crisis? Not just Obama.

17 Trillion Dollar Debt issue? Not just Obama.

Illegal Alien Amnesty? Still not just Obama.

Obamacare? Sure, it’s named after him, but…not just Obama.

Proposed gun grabs? Nope. Not just Obama.

I have posted about this before, in a different manner, but I will repeat it here. We must eliminate all incumbents, top-to-bottom.

It is our duty to do this. It is our responsibility to do this. These people have no fear, and they need to know that they can easily be replaced. They need to know they have an electorate who no longer holds them as “sacred cows.”

While we’re pointing all of our blame at one man, these people are snickering. They are invincible in their minds.

This must change.

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R.I.P. Brian Griffin

I learned recently that Brian Griffin, the beloved dog character on Family Guy, has been killed off via a dog vs. car accident wherein the dog lost.

They have brought on a new dog, named Vinny played by Tony Sirico of The Sopranos.

I have not seen these new episodes yet, but I am anxious to see them and analyze them, etc.

I have been watching Family Guy since the very beginning, and I have bought DVD sets of various seasons, or used my DVR, etc.

I consider myself a very devoted and loyal fan to the show, and to many of Seth MacFarlane’s creations (American Dad, The Cleveland Show, et al).

Being a loyal fan doesn’t necessarily, in my opinion, mean agreeing with every plot choice or even liking every single episode. It does mean, however, sticking with the show and trusting the writers enough to give them a chance to work through whatever my grievance might be.

I’ve seen a lot of people with an attitude of “I’ll never watch the show again!” because of Brian’s death. These people were not loyal fans to begin with, in my opinion, and are just attention seekers.

I love Brian, many of my favorite episodes involved him and different things he’s said and done, how he’s reacted to situations, etc.

But, it’s not the “Brian Griffin Show” it’s “Family Guy.”

Family Guy contains many characters, many of whom are very enjoyable in their own ways, and the show can and will exist just fine; possibly even better in some ways, without Brian.

Any show that has gone for many seasons runs the risk of becoming predictable and just not as enjoyable as it once was. It runs the risk of having done everything it can possibly do within its present configuration. A lot of people refer to it as “jumping the shark” which I interpret as meaning “continuing forward even though it should have quit.”

This was an attempt, and I believe it to be a brave and smart attempt, to avoid “jumping the shark.”

Now the show can have lots of new dynamics, new interactions, and new back stories to bring forth; the show is fresh once more because we know two things. 1. There are no “darlings” that can’t be killed. 2. Anything can, and will, happen.

The writers respect us enough to know that we can evolve and adapt along with them, and they trust that we can handle change and new directions without (for the most part) being a bunch of whiny babies who want their hand held and want to be spoon-fed more of the same for eternity.

At the end of the day it’s just a show, people. An animated show at that. It’s not the end-all-be-all of existence. It’s not a life-changing experience. It’s not a religion. It’s a cartoon. It’s written and put out for you to either enjoy it or to not enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it, don’t watch it. If you enjoy it, watch it. It’s that simple.

If you want to write it, or tell the creators how to write it, maybe you should instead consider pitching a show to the network yourself and creating that show.

Before anyone gets mad at me, I’m not saying don’t have an opinion. I’m not even saying to keep your opinion to yourself. I’m saying don’t expect your opinion to change something, and then get mad if it doesn’t change and you don’t get your way. I’m also saying that petitioning networks, threatening boycotts and demanding action makes you look like a crybaby who can’t handle change or reality.

I’m basically saying “grow up.” Give the show a chance to run this idea through its course, for good or bad. Be the loyal fan you proclaim yourself to be.


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The Truth

It is said that “honesty is the best policy” and “the truth shall set you free.”

I believe in these principles.

I have found, in my own life, especially in recent times, that sharing a shameful or embarrassing truth with people who actually care about you often changes it from your own problem into a problem you and your loved ones can work on together.

It removes it from a shameful, dark, hidden thing and transforms it into something that can be dealt with. In other words, talking about an issue is the first step towards developing a plan of action.

Those who truly love you and accept you as a human being who will not always be perfect will continue to feel that you are important to them and will want you to succeed in your struggle. Assuming you are struggling with the issue or problem genuinely, and actually want to solve it.

I can not, in this forum, openly discuss something that I am currently dealing with because this is far too public. However, I will be able to clarify what I’m talking about at some point in the future.

Some people who are close to me know all of the details and the entire situation, and they have embraced me and helped me through each step of the way.

I’m writing this post for two reasons. Firstly, to give thanks to those who have stood by me during an extremely trying time even though I screwed up badly and made poor choices and created the situation I am in. Secondly, to illustrate to anyone reading this that if you’re struggling with something where you’ve screwed up, the best thing for you to do is to let it out and tell those closest to you what you’ve done. This is true I would imagine in most situations. You’ll feel better for not hiding the issue any more and they’ll feel better because you trusted them with your flaws and vulnerabilities.

It will strengthen true relationships, and maybe illuminate the ones who are not so true. This, at least, has been the case in my personal experience.

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