Living a lie, wrecking a home

I’m a big supporter of gay marriage, or at least civil unions (for ALL people).

I’ve marched in a gay parade, I have many gay friends who aren’t just there so I can say “I have gay friends” to not look like a bigot.

I have a business where I sell adult DVDs, both gay and straight.

So, I feel that if I make a statement here that is critical of a certain segment of gay people I’m not speaking out of bigotry or hatred.

I’m going to gamble and assume that I won’t be attacked by homosexuals after writing this post, because I feel the need to say this. Recently, in my business, I have met some people like this, so I need to vent. Here goes.

I think gay guys who live in the closet, get married to a woman, and often create children, only to later come out and say “I was living a lie, I’m a victim of societal pressure” are complete and utter selfish cocks.

Whatever happened to “I was born gay” and “I’ve always known I was gay”?

How can you take a woman and pretend to be in love with her and be devoted to her, while secretly knowing you’re not, and then later devastate her and claim to be the victim yourself?

How can you create a family, and then destroy it, and be all like “poor little me, I had to wreck these peoples’ lives to fit in.”

What a load of self-serving shit.

These people need to grow up, and anyone considering doing this should realize that it’s a terrible thing to do and is self-serving and just wrong on many a level.


About rbwaters

I'm a guy who loves his family and friends, enjoys writing, acting, political discussions, tech stuff, movies and certain TV shows (mostly cable).
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