Incest Is A Felony

The above linked article is from Salt Lake City, Utah. It is about a Father/Daughter Incest situation.

“A Bluffdale woman and her father have been charged with incest pursuant to allegations they had a sexual relationship.

The woman, who was raised by adoptive parents, was 21 when she met her biological father in 2010, police wrote in charges filed Monday. A year later they began having sex.

Now 24 and 52, respectively, the daughter and father, who lives in West Jordan, were charged with two counts each of third-degree felony incest. Police allege both of them knew of their biological connection.”
From my understanding incest laws are in place to stop inbreeding, and the health problems associated with that. In America we’ve been softening our stances on laws involving what “consenting adults” do (gay marriage, sodomy, drug use etc.). Should incest be next? After all, should two consenting adults really spend five years in prison for something that harmed no one else, as long as they use proper protection to remove the inbreeding concept from the equation? Talk amongst yourselves. Discuss.

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