Eliminate All Incumbents

I used to be a Republican.

Right now, if I were to call myself a member of any Party it would be the “Vote Them All Out Party.”

The elected representatives on either side of the aisle have no shame, have no sense of duty, honor or country. Worse still, they have no accountability or fear.

They know no matter what crap they put forward in a bill, no matter how badly the country ends up as a result of their actions, people will still vote them back in for term after term after term. They can outright lie to us, and we’ll accept it and keep them employed.

There are a few good ones, I’m not going to lie. They need to go too.

The reason they need to go is because every member of Congress needs to be afraid of the electorate again. The only way to do that without a violent revolution is to instill fear in them through the voting booth.

I don’t care if it’s Rand Paul or anyone else you feel is a favorite who just absolutely must stay in, because they have such important work to do, they need to go.

I don’t care if you have to vote for someone not in your Party, the Parties are currently a myth anyway. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are in the same Party; the “Let’s Keep Our Jobs Party.”

So, every election going forward I recommend voting out the incumbents until every face in the House and Senate are fresh faces. Faces full of fear and respect for their constituency.


About rbwaters

I'm a guy who loves his family and friends, enjoys writing, acting, political discussions, tech stuff, movies and certain TV shows (mostly cable).
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