Where do you want the guns pointed?

In the war on drugs, as in every matter of debate, there are passionate opinions on both side.

I think people are making the issue more complicated than it really needs to be, so I will simplify things.

Where do you want the guns pointed?

Do you want the guns pointed at someone struggling from cocaine addiction?

Do you want them pointed at a recreational marijuana user who’s unwinding at the end of a long day of work?

Do you want them pointed at a guy who wants to have a cigarette after a nice meal?

Do you want them pointed at someone who wants to have a few shots with his/her co-workers at the end of a day at the office?

No matter how noble or well-intentioned the creation of a piece of legislation that restricts something may be, for instance, let’s say you’re talking about a seriously harmful substance, like meth, and your reasoning is “man, this stuff needs to be all kinds of illegal, it destroys people, changes their brain chemistry, makes ’em go out and hurt people and steal things,” at the end of every law is enforcement.

When you create a law, even a law restricting American candy bar consumption to a rationed one-per-day maximum, you are authorizing law enforcement to enforce that law.

You are telling them where to point the guns.

You are telling them whose door to kick in.

Whose children to orphan.

Whose dog to shoot.

Because, humans love their vices. We live in a society where someone can say “I’m going to kill my unborn child because it’s inside of my body, so it doesn’t matter to me that, given a chance, this being growing safely in my womb will one day be out and about, breathing and doing things” but they can’t say “it’s my body, I should have the choice to add a little bit of pollutants to it to feel better about things.” Only one of those two people will ever have their door kicked in, have a gun pointed at them, be led away in handcuffs.

They both made a choice of what to do with their body. Also, the person who chose to do a drug only harmed themselves. Unless there are complications, which there often are, the person having the abortion is not only harming, but killing, another human being.

I got a little sidetracked, so I will reiterate my central theme so as not to confuse anyone.

Laws require enforcement, enforcement often does far more harm than the substance the law is supposed to be protecting society, or individuals from.

This isn’t a straw man argument, I, in my own home, had a police officer point a gun in my face and tell me “I almost shot you in the face, motherfucker.” This police officer later went on to lie about several things, passionately, to ensure that my possibilities of avoiding prison time were very slight if existent at all. Over marijuana, which is legally medicinally in many States, and legal entirely in two States. I didn’t harm anyone. But I almost died.

Some people do die. Or their dogs die. Or they get locked away from their families for long stretches of time, even life sentences.

All because Papa Government wants to protect us from ourselves.

All because we say “there ought to be a law” about something, without realizing we’re basically saying “here’s another group of people we should be pointing the guns at.”


About rbwaters

I'm a guy who loves his family and friends, enjoys writing, acting, political discussions, tech stuff, movies and certain TV shows (mostly cable).
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